Chiral properties of the zero-field spiral state and field-induced magnetic phases of the itinerant kagome metal YMn6Sn6

  title={Chiral properties of the zero-field spiral state and field-induced magnetic phases of the itinerant kagome metal 
  author={R. Dally and J. Lynn and N. Ghimire and D. Michel and Peter Siegfried and I. Mazin},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Applying a magnetic field in the hexagonal plane of $\mathrm{Y}{\mathrm{Mn}}_{6}{\mathrm{Sn}}_{6}$ leads to a complex magnetic phase diagram of commensurate and incommensurate phases, one of which coexists with the topological Hall effect (THE) generated by a unique fluctuation-driven mechanism. Using unpolarized neutron diffraction, we report on the solved magnetic structure for two previously identified, but unknown, commensurate phases. These include a low-temperature, high-field fanlike… Expand
Study of the electronic properties of topological kagome metals YV$_6$Sn$_6$ and GdV$_6$Sn$_6$
Ganesh Pokharel,1 Samuel M. L. Teicher,1 Brenden R. Ortiz,1 Paul M. Sarte,1 Guang Wu,2 Shuting Peng,3 Junfeng He,3 Ram Seshadri,1 and Stephen D. Wilson1, ∗ 1Materials Department and CaliforniaExpand


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