Chiral prethermalization in supersonically split condensates.

  title={Chiral prethermalization in supersonically split condensates.},
  author={Kartiek Agarwal and Emanuele G. Dalla Torre and Bernhard Rauer and Tim Langen and J{\"o}rg Schmiedmayer and Eugene A. Demler},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={113 19},
We study the dynamics of phase relaxation between a pair of one-dimensional condensates created by a supersonic unzipping of a single condensate. We use the Lorentz invariance of the low energy sector of such systems to show that dephasing results in an unusual prethermal state, in which right- and left-moving excitations have different, Doppler-shifted temperatures. The chirality of these modes can be probed experimentally by measuring the interference fringe contrasts with the release point… 

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