Chiral magnetic soliton lattice on a chiral helimagnet.

  title={Chiral magnetic soliton lattice on a chiral helimagnet.},
  author={Yoshihiko Togawa and Ts Koyama and Kazuo Takayanagi and Shingo Mori and Yusuke Kousaka and Jun Akimitsu and Satoshi Nishihara and Ken-ichi Inoue and Alexander S. Ovchinnikov and Jun-ichiro Kishine},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={108 10},
Using Lorenz microscopy and small-angle electron diffraction, we directly present that the chiral magnetic soliton lattice (CSL) continuously evolves from a chiral helimagnetic structure in small magnetic fields in Cr(1/3)NbS2. An incommensurate CSL undergoes a phase transition to a commensurate ferromagnetic state at the critical field strength. The period of a CSL, which exerts an effective potential for itinerant spins, is tuned by simply changing the field strength. Chiral magnetic orders… CONTINUE READING