Chiral high-performance liquid chromatographic separation and circular dichroism spectra of the enantiomers of cytotoxic aristocularine alkaloids.

  title={Chiral high-performance liquid chromatographic separation and circular dichroism spectra of the enantiomers of cytotoxic aristocularine alkaloids.},
  author={Salvatore Caccamese and Giovanna Scivoli and Salvatore Bianca and Juan Manuel L{\'o}pez-Romero and Francisco Javier Ort{\'i}z-L{\'o}pez},
  journal={Journal of chromatography. A},
  volume={1129 1},

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Determination of Aristocularine Enantiomers by Dispersive Liquid–Liquid Microextraction and Chiral High-performance Liquid Chromatography

ABSTRACT Here is reported a novel analytical approach for the extractive separation and determination of enantiomeric ratios of aristocularine in bovine serum albumin. The results demonstrate

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Most of the alkaloids are chiral compounds and are clinically administered as the racemic mixture, even though its enantiomers have been known to exert different pharmacological activity. The

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The overall toxicity of pyraclofos should be assessed using the individual enantiomers, and acute aquatic assays suggested that (+)-pyracl ofos was about 6 times more toxic than its antipode.

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The results suggest that the biological toxicity of chiral OPs to nontarget organisms is enantioselective and therefore should be evaluated with their pure enantiomers.



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  • Chemistry, Biology
    Journal of chromatography. A
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