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Chiral description of ghost-free massive gravity

  title={Chiral description of ghost-free massive gravity},
  author={Sergei Yu. Alexandrov and Kirill Krasnov and Simone Speziale},
We propose and study a new first order version of the ghost-free massive gravity. Instead of metrics or tetrads, it uses a connection together with Plebanski’s chiral 2-forms as fundamental variables, rendering the phase space structure similar to that of SU (2) gauge theories. The chiral description simplifies computations of the constraint algebra, and allows us to perform the complete canonical analysis of the system. In particular, we explicitly compute the secondary constraint and carry out… 

Higher Derivative Gravity and Conformal Gravity from Bimetric and Partially Massless Bimetric Theory

In this paper, we establish the correspondence between ghost-free bimetric theory and a class of higher derivative gravity actions, including conformal gravity and new massive gravity. We also

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The canonical structure of the massive gravity in the first order moving frame formalism is studied. We work in the simplified context of translation invariant fields, with mass terms given by

Spherical dust collapse in bimetric relativity : Bimetric polytropes

We present a method for solving the constraint equations in the Hassan-Rosen bimetric theory to determine the initial data for the gravitational collapse of spherically symmetric dust. The setup



Ghosts, strong coupling and accidental symmetries in massive gravity

We show that the strong self-interaction of the scalar polarization of a massive graviton can be understood in terms of the propagation of an extra ghostlike degree of freedom, thus relating strong

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We formulate the recently proposed ghost-free theory of multiple interacting vielbeins in terms of their corresponding metrics. This is achieved by reintroducing all local Lorentz invariances broken

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A bstractTheories of massive gravity inevitably include an auxiliary reference metric. Generically, they also contain an inconsistency known as the Boulware-Deser ghost. Recently, a family of

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We show that the reformulation of the de Rham-Gabadadze-Tolley massive gravity theory using vielbeins leads to a very simple and covariant way to count constraints, and hence degrees of freedom. Our

Spherically symmetric solutions in ghost-free massive gravity

Recently, a class of theories of massive gravity has been shown to be ghost-free. We study the spherically symmetric solutions in the bigravity formulation of such theories. In general, the solutions

Resummation of massive gravity.

Four-dimensional covariant nonlinear theories of massive gravity are constructed which are ghost-free in the decoupling limit to all orders, and the Hamiltonian constraint is maintained at least up to and including quartic order in nonlinearities, hence excluding the possibility of the Boulware-Deser ghost up to this order.

One-loop divergences in massive gravity theory

Note about Hamiltonian Formalism for General Nonlinear Massive Gravity Action in STÜCKELBERG Formalism

In this paper, we try to prove the absence of the ghosts in case of the general nonlinear massive gravity action in Stuckelberg formalism. We argue that in order to find the explicit form of the

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We systematically study the most general Lorentz-violating graviton mass invariant under three-dimensional Eucledian group. We find that at general values of mass parameters the massive graviton has