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Chiral Vortical Effect in Extended Rarita-Schwinger Field Theory and Chiral Anomaly

  title={Chiral Vortical Effect in Extended Rarita-Schwinger Field Theory and Chiral Anomaly},
  author={George Y. Prokhorov and Oleg Teryaev and Valentin I. Zakharov},
We consider the theory of Rarita-Schwinger field interacting with a field with spin 1/2, in the case of finite temperature, chemical potential and vorticity, and calculate the chiral vortical effect for spin 3/2. We have clearly demonstrated the role of interaction with the spin 1/2 field, the contribution of the terms with which to CVE is 6. Since the contribution from the Rarita-Schwinger field is -1, the overall coefficient in CVE is 6-1=5, which corresponds to the recent prediction of a… Expand


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