Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Pions in Non-Supersymmetric Gauge/Gravity Duals

  title={Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Pions in Non-Supersymmetric Gauge/Gravity Duals},
  author={J.Babington and J.Erdmenger and N.Evans and Z.Guralnik and I.Kirsch},
We study gravity duals of large N non-supersymmetric gauge theories with matter in the fundamental representation by introducing a D7-brane probe into deformed AdS backgrounds. In particular, we consider a D7-brane probe in both the AdS Schwarzschild black hole solution and in the background found by Constable and Myers, which involves a non-constant dilaton and S 5 radius. Both these backgrounds exhibit confinement of fundamental matter and a discrete glueball and meson spectrum. We numerically… 

Strong coupling effective Higgs potential and a first order thermal phase transition from AdS/CFT duality

We use anti–de Sitter/conformal field theory duality to study the thermodynamics of a strongly coupled [script N]=2 supersymmetric large Nc SU(Nc) gauge theory with Nf=2 fundamental hypermultiplets.

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Fate of Z(N) walls in hot holographic QCD

We first study ZN walls/interfaces in a deconfined phase of Witten's D4-brane background of pure SU(N) Yang-Mills theory, motivated by a recent work in the case of N = 4 SYM. Similarly to it, we

Topology-changing first order phase transition and the dynamics of flavor

In studying the dynamics of large N{sub c}, SU(N{sub c}) gauge theory at finite temperature with fundamental quark flavors in the quenched approximation, we observe a first order phase transition. A

Finite Baryon and Isospin Chemical Potential in AdS/CFT with Flavor

We investigate the thermodynamics of a thermal field theory in presence of both a baryon and an isospin chemical potential. For this we consider a probe of several D7-branes embedded in the

Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Brane Models

We discuss the chiral symmetry breaking in general intersecting Dq/Dp brane models consisting of Nc Dq-branes and a single Dp-brane with an s-dimensional intersection. There exists a QCD-like theory

Global Currents, Phase Transitions, and Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Large N_c Gauge Theory

We study, using a gravity dual, the finite temperature dynamics of $SU(N_c)$ gauge theory for large $N_c$, with fundamental quark flavours in a quenched approximation, in the presence of a fixed

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This thesis is dedicated to the holographic study of flavor dynamics. The technique employed is a D7–brane probing of various D3–brane backgrounds. The first topic covered studies the influence of an

Holographic descriptions of chiral phase transitions

Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) poses a challenge in calculating physical phenomena in low energy scales due to its strongly coupled character. The tools available for understanding this region of QCD

On the phases of strongly coupled gauge theories from holography

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Adding flavor to AdS/CFT

Coupling fundamental quarks to QCD in the dual string representation corresponds to adding the open string sector. Flavors therefore should be represented by space‐time filling D‐branes in the dual

Exotic scalar states in the AdS/CFT correspondence

We investigate a family of solutions of type-IIB supergravity which asymptotically approach AdS5 × S5 but contain a non-constant dilaton and volume scalar for the five-sphere. These solutions

Hadron masses and screening from AdS Wilson loops

  • Phys. Rev. Lett. 90 (2003) 091601 [arXiv:hep-th/0211107].
  • 2003

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We determine the spectrum of graviton excitations in the background geometry of the AdS soliton in p+2 dimensions. Via the AdS/CFT correspondence this corresponds to determining the spectrum of spin

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Glueball spectrum from an anisotropic lattice study

away all of the other unwanted states. An additional smallvolume simulation is done to assist in this identification and to study the systematic errors from finite volume. Finally, discretization