Chiral SU(2)(k) currents as local operators in vertex models and spin chains

  title={Chiral SU(2)(k) currents as local operators in vertex models and spin chains},
  author={R. Bondesan and J. Dubail and A. Faribault and Y. Ikhlef},
  journal={Journal of Physics A},
  • R. Bondesan, J. Dubail, +1 author Y. Ikhlef
  • Published 2015
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Journal of Physics A
  • The six-vertex model and its spin-S descendants obtained from the fusion procedure are well-known lattice discretizations of the WZW models, with k = 2S. It is shown that, in these models, it is possible to exhibit a local observable on the lattice that behaves as the chiral current Ja(z) in the continuum limit. The observable is built out of generators of the Lie algebra acting on a small (finite) number of lattice sites. The construction works also for the multi-critical quantum spin chains… CONTINUE READING
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