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Chiral Homology of elliptic curves and Zhu's algebra

  title={Chiral Homology of elliptic curves and Zhu's algebra},
  author={Jethro van Ekeren and Reimundo Heluani},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Algebra},
We study the chiral homology of elliptic curves with coefficients in a conformal vertex algebra. Our main result expresses the nodal curve limit of the first chiral homology group in terms of the Hochschild homology of the Zhu algebra of V. A technical result of independent interest regarding the equivalence between the associated graded with respect to Li's filtration and the arc space of the C_2 algebra is presented. 
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Some remarks on associated varieties of vertex operator superalgebras
  • H. Li
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • European Journal of Mathematics
  • 2021
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