Chiral DNA packaging in DNA-cationic liposome assemblies.

  title={Chiral DNA packaging in DNA-cationic liposome assemblies.},
  author={Nicolaas Jan Zuidam and Yechezkel Chezy Barenholz and Abraham Minsky},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={457 3},
Recent studies have indicated that the structural features of DNA-lipid assemblies, dictated by the lipid composition and cationic lipid-to-DNA ratio, critically affect the efficiency of these complexes in acting as vehicles for cellular delivery of genetic material. Using circular dichroism we find that upon binding DNA, positively-charged liposomes induce a secondary conformational transition of the DNA molecules from the native B form to the C motif. Liposomes composed of positively-charged… CONTINUE READING

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