Chinese patent retrieval based on the pragmatic information


In this paper, we propose a novel information retrieval approach based on the pragmatic information for Chinese patents. At present, patent retrieval is becoming more and more important. Not only because patents are always can an important resource in all kinds of field, but patent retrieval save a great deal of time and funds for corporations and researchers. However, with available methods the precision of retrieval results for patents is not very high. What's more, through analyzed the patent documentations we found that except the literal meanings, there are deeper meanings which can be concluded from the patents. Here we call the deeper meanings as pragmatic information. Therefore we established a patent retrieval system to integrate the pragmatic information with classical information retrieval technique to improve the retrieval accuracy. Some experiments using the proposed method have carried out, and the results show that the precision of patent retrieval based on the pragmatic information is higher than the one without using it.

DOI: 10.1109/NLPKE.2010.5587776

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@article{Wu2010ChinesePR, title={Chinese patent retrieval based on the pragmatic information}, author={Liping Wu and Song Liu and Fuji Ren}, journal={Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Engineering(NLPKE-2010)}, year={2010}, pages={1-6} }