Chinese femininities, Chinese masculinities : a reader

  title={Chinese femininities, Chinese masculinities : a reader},
  author={Susan Brownell and J. Wasserstrom and T. Laqueur},
Foreword Thomas Laqueur Introduction: Theorizing Femininities and Masculinities Susan Brownell and Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom Part I. Gender and the Law (Qing) 1. Femininity in Flux: Gendered Virtue and Social Conflict in the Mid-Qing Courtroom Janet M. Theiss 2. Dangerous Males, Vulnerable Males, and Polluted Males: The Regulation of Masculinity in Qing Dynasty Law Matthew H. Sommer Part II. Ideals of Marriage and Family (Mid-Qing and Early Republican) 3. Grooming a Daughter for Marriage: Brides… Expand
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