Chinese attitudes towards sexual minorities in Hong Kong: Implications for mental health

  title={Chinese attitudes towards sexual minorities in Hong Kong: Implications for mental health},
  author={Diana K. Kwok and Joseph Wu},
  journal={International Review of Psychiatry},
  pages={444 - 454}
  • D. Kwok, Joseph Wu
  • Published 3 September 2015
  • Psychology
  • International Review of Psychiatry
Abstract Intolerant attitudes and sexual prejudice against sexual minorities (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning/queer-LGBQ) has been a long-standing global concern. In this article, Chinese attitudes towards sexual minorities are examined with reference to the cultural context in Hong Kong, a place where the East has intermingled with the West for over a century. Chinese sexuality manifested in Hong Kong is a mix of Confucian ideology and Christian thought. Traditional Confucian values of… 
Contesting Sexual Prejudice to Support Sexual Minorities: Views of Chinese Social Workers
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The study suggests that social workers and service providers need to understand how sexual prejudice is manifested in Hong Kong through unique cultural forces by incorporating LGBQ+-inclusive content into the training curriculum.
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ABSTRACT Good quality teacher education and training has been acknowledged as an effective strategy to reduce sexual prejudice against sexual minority (lesbian, gay, bisexual and questioning/queer
Look into the HIV Epidemic of Gay Community with a Socio-Cultural Perspective: A Qualitative Study in China, 2015-2016
Socio-cultural barriers for HIV control and prevention found in this study call for serious and imperative consideration on integrated measures, including targeted efforts towards effective sex education and further inclusion of socio-cultural perspectives in HIV/AIDS interventions for gay men.
Dilemmas of Chinese Lesbian Youths in Contemporary Mainland China
AbstractObliviousness to co-existing heterosexuality and homosexuality undermines tolerance of same-sex attraction in traditional Chinese culture. With the influence of conservative Abrahamic
A study of mental health and the role of mindfulness in promoting positive mental health for Hong Kong Chinese gay men
ABSTRACT In Hong Kong, the hostility, stigma and discrimination against sexual minorities is prevalent. HEvolution are a community initiative founded in 2017, aiming to promote physical, mental,
Relationship Status and Marital Intention Among Chinese Gay Men and Lesbians: The Influences of Minority Stress and Culture-Specific Stress
It is indicated that both minority stress and culture-specific stress shape the marital intention among Chinese gay men and lesbians, and minority stress has more extensive influences on marital intention than culture- specific stress.
Heritage and mainstream acculturation’s association with sexual response in young Chinese men and women in Canada
Previous research on Chinese individuals in Canada showed that mainstream acculturation (i.e., adoption of the customs and values of mainstream Canadian culture) was consistently associated with more
Regulating sexual and gender minority youth: Heteronormativity through Hong Kong schooling
  • A. Hoang
  • Sociology
    China Journal of Social Work
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ABSTRACT Limited research exists on school social work that addresses the issues, needs and concerns facing Hong Kong’s sexual and gender minority (SGM) youth. This qualitative study interrogates how
Intimate Partner Sexual Violence and Mental Health Indicators Among Chinese Emerging Adults
It was found that IPSV survivors were more likely to have higher levels of anxiety and depression, more severe psychosomatic symptoms, and poorer quality of life in three domains: psychological, social relationships, and environment when compared with those without IPSV experience.


Filial Piety and Sexual Prejudice in Chinese Culture.
The goal of this research was to explore how filial piety and interpersonal contact with gay persons relates to attitudes toward lesbians and gay men in a Chinese sample from Taiwan. Sex differences
Coming Out Experiences and Psychological Distress of Chinese Homosexual Men in Hong Kong
Results showed that a low level of psychological distress in Chinese gay men was linked to their coming out experiences, which were in turn related to TRA components of involvement and identification with gay communities and positive attitudes toward coming out.
Sexual Orientation-Based Violence in Hong Kong
This article reports the results of a survey in which over six hundred LGB people in Hong Kong told us about whether, and how, they have experienced violence because of their sexual orientation, and the public policy implications of the research.
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In the United States, the interplay of racism, sexism, and acculturation creates psychological and social stressors that may affect the development of positive ethnic/sexual identities among Asian
Socio-cultural influences on the transmission of HIV among gay men in rural China
The Chinese traditional moral code, family values and gender roles that form the crucial components of Confucianism were reflected in the participants’ efforts to maintain familial and social harmony through a compromised form of sexual partnership.
Attitudes towards sexual minorities among Chinese people: implications for mental health
  • Joseph Wu, D. Kwok
  • Psychology
    International psychiatry : bulletin of the Board of International Affairs of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • 2013
This paper briefly reviews the legal and cultural context and notes the situation in schools in Hong Kong, in particular the situation for lesbians and gay men in schools.
Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men Among Hong Kong Chinese Social Work Students
There is a dearth of research on social work students’ attitudes toward lesbians and gays in East Asian countries where intolerance toward nonheterosexuality has been documented. This article
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Despite Hong Kong's decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1991, inequities in the law vis-à-vis sexual minority individuals have remained. In any case, the decriminalisation cannot obscure the
A Survey of Attitudes Toward Homosexuality in Hong Kong Chinese Medical Students
The attitudes and experiences of Chinese medical students' attitudes toward and personal experiences with homosexuality do not vary significantly between the 5 classes of medical students, but religious beliefs and gender might influence these attitudes.