Chinese Protestant Christianity Today

  title={Chinese Protestant Christianity Today},
  author={D. Bays},
  journal={The China Quarterly},
  pages={488 - 504}
  • D. Bays
  • Published 1 June 2003
  • Political Science
  • The China Quarterly
Protestant Christianity has been a prominent part of the general religious resurgence in China in the past two decades. In many ways it is the most striking example of that resurgence. Along with Roman Catholics, as of the 1950s Chinese Protestants carried the heavy historical liability of association with Western domination or imperialism in China, yet they have not only overcome that inheritance but have achieved remarkable growth. Popular media and human rights organizations in the West, as… 
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This special issue discusses the interactions between imported religions and Chinese civilization and society. It is widely accepted that Judeo-Christian culture and ancient Greek culture constitute
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  • Sociology
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Large portions of East and Southeast Asia are in the throes of a historically unprecedented upsurge in religious observance and association. Many of the new varieties of religiosity are more popular,


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    scholars in mainland China studying Christianity") and the much smaller number among them who have actually become believing Christians themselves. Zhuo Xinping
    • A leading scholar of Christian studies in China has warned observers to distinguish carefully between those Chinese intellectuals interested in the study of Christianity
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    Protestant Christianity
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