China to roll back regulations for traditional medicine despite safety concerns

  title={China to roll back regulations for traditional medicine despite safety concerns},
  author={David Cyranoski},
Scientists fear plans to abandon clinical trials of centuries-old remedies will put people at risk. 
Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • M. R. Matthews
  • Medicine
    Feng Shui: Teaching About Science and Pseudoscience
  • 2019
The defining basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is identification and mastery of chi and hence the enabling of the balance of the vital yin and yang ‘forces’ inside the body. TCM considers
Goji (fruits of Lycium spp.): traditional uses, quality assessment, and value chain analysis
The integration of historical, ethnobotanical, botanical, phytochemical and pharmacological data has enabled a detailed understanding of Lycium and its wider potential.
Temporal trends and geographic differences of insurance coverage for cancer drug trials in mainland China
The insurance coverage of cancer drug trials in mainland China has been increasing steadily over the past decade, but the regional differences are significant, and to promote insurance coverage emphatically in underdeveloped areas could be the work emphasis.
Constructing a DNA barcode reference library for southern herbs in China: A resource for authentication of southern Chinese medicine
This work provided the first local reference DNA barcode library based on the second internal transcribed spacer (ITS2) for the molecular identification of SCM, and found that there is an incorrect sequence existing in the public database, making a reliable local DNA bar code reference more meaningful.


Aristolochic acids and their derivatives are widely implicated in liver cancers in Taiwan and throughout Asia
The authors showed that the use of this drug remains widespread in Asia and particularly in Taiwan, and that it appears to increase the risk of multiple different cancer types, and proposed that additional measures aimed at primary prevention through avoidance of AA exposure and investigation of possible approaches to secondary prevention are warranted.