China must protect high-quality arable land

  title={China must protect high-quality arable land},
  author={Xiangbin Kong},
Figures from a national survey of land use seem positive, but the effort exposed some worrying trends, says Xiangbin Kong. 
Exploring the Patterns and Mechanisms of Reclaimed Arable Land Utilization under the Requisition-Compensation Balance Policy in Wenzhou, China
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Spatio-temporal variation of agricultural land consolidation in China: case study of Huangshi, Hubei Province
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A Study on the Arable Land Demand for Food Security in China
  • Chen, He, Wang, Li, Guan, Hao
  • Economics
  • Sustainability
  • 2019
Food security is the basis of social stability and development. Maintaining sufficient amounts of arable land is essential for China’s food security. In this paper, we consider the relationshipExpand
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