China coronavirus: how many papers have been published?

  title={China coronavirus: how many papers have been published?},
  author={Emma Stoye},
  • Emma Stoye
  • Published 30 January 2020
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  • Nature
Research papers and preprints are appearing every day as researchers worldwide respond to the outbreak. Research papers and preprints are appearing every day as researchers worldwide respond to the outbreak. 

Coronavirus disease 2019: a bibliometric analysis and review.

China has provided a large number of research data for various research fields, during the outbreak of COVID-19, and most of the findings play an important role in preventing and controlling the epidemic around the world.

Bibliometric analysis of global scientific research on COVID-19

Early in the Epidemic: Impact of Preprints on Global Discourse of 2019-nCoV Transmissibility.

It is argued that preprints are capable of driving global discourse during public health crises; however, it is recommended that a consensus-based approach should be considered as a means of assessing the robustness of preprint findings prior to peer review.

Challenges of COVID-19

  • I. López-Goñi
  • Biology
    Advances in Laboratory Medicine / Avances en Medicina de Laboratorio
  • 2020
A literature review found some articles of acceptable quality that shed light on or suggest new ways to fight the pandemic in such relevant aspects as disease transfer, diagnosis, immunity, or the similarities of SARS-CoV-2 with other respiratory infectious agents.

COVID 19: challenges for virologists in the food industry

This Lilliput minireview deals with problems that the COVID‐19 pandemic causes for the food industry, addressing the presence and persistence of SARS‐CoV‐2 in the food environment, methods of virus inactivation and the protection of the food worker and the consumer.

2019 Novel Coronavirus: Emphasis on Maintaining Optimal Levels of Physical Activity Under Self-quarantine Conditions

Exercise seems to be safe during the coronavirus outbreak and offers many benefits, while avoiding this has irreparable consequences, according to Dr. Woods, a pioneer in studies of the effects of exercise on the immune system.

Antibacterial and Antiviral Functional Materials: Chemistry and Biological Activity toward Tackling COVID-19-like Pandemics

The surface protection mechanisms of the materials against the pathogen colonies are discussed in detail, which highlights the key differences that could determine the parameters that would govern the future development of advanced antibacterial and antiviral materials and surfaces.