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China avant-garde

  title={China avant-garde},
  author={Wolfger Pohlmann and Jochen Noth and Hans P. van Dijk and Liu Xianting and Lan Shaojun and Pi Daojian and Zheng Shengtian and Liu Weijian and Hsien-Chen Chang and Michael Kahn-Ackerman and Sabine Peschel and Yan Li and Antje Budde and Meng Jinghui and Barbara Mittler and Li Heping and Ulrike Stobbe and Andrea Kunz and Isabel Pohlmann},
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Guest Editor's Introduction: Twenty Questions
Since the late 1980s there has been a steady rise in the visibility of documentation concerning the body of work referenced as “contemporaryAsian art.” It has taken place on an institutional level,
Symptoms of alienation: The female body in recent Chinese film
(1998). Symptoms of alienation: The female body in recent Chinese film. Continuum: Vol. 12, Censorship and pornography, pp. 91-103.
Art, Culture, and Cultural Criticism in Post-New China
A visitor in Beijing these days can easily pick up a popular weekly titled Guide to Shopping High-Quality Goods (Jingpin gouwu zhinan) from a street vendor. The newspaper offers all kinds of useful