China and the Global Political Economy

  title={China and the Global Political Economy},
  author={Shaun Breslin},
Introduction: China - Yes, But... Studying China in an Era of Globalization The Transition from Socialism: An Embedded Socialist Compromise? Re-Engagement with the Global Economy Beyond Bilateralism: What the Statistics Don't Tell Us Interpreting Chinese "Power" in the Global Political Economy The Domestic Context: Stretching the Social Fabric? Conclusions 
Conclusion: The Chinese State, the Law, Labor Relations, and Hegemony
This chapter summarizes the major arguments of this book. It highlights the characteristics of legal hegemony in China, as well as factors contributing to its fragilities. Finally, it points toExpand
China in the era of globalization: the emergence of the discourse on economic security
Abstract This article looks at the Chinese debate on economic security during the period between 1997 and 2004. The contemporary concept of economic security (jingji anquan, 经济安全) was first raised inExpand
Waiting for the rising power : China’s rise in East Asia and the evolution of great power politics
Many political scientists expect the advent of rising states to bring about shifts in the international distribution of power, on the one hand, and competitive policies to improve one state’s powerExpand
East Asia and the global/transatlantic/Western crisis
This paper introduces the special collection on East Asia and the global crisis. After justifying why a focus on East Asia is appropriate, it draws out the main themes that run through the individualExpand
Indian and Chinese Economic Trajectories: Future Prospects
Abstract This paper undertakes a critical analysis of India's and China's growth models, and highlights both the differences and vulnerabilities in their structure of growth. The author argues thatExpand
Status, revisionism, and great power strategy : US-China positional competition and the struggle for leadership in Asia-Pacific
How red is China's red capitalism? Continuity and change in China's financial services sector during the global crisis
Chinese capitalism cannot be captured by theoretical frameworks and concepts such as the ‘Varieties of Capitalism’ approach. Despite its integration into the world economy and the financial crises,Expand
The Changing Landscape and Dynamics of Turkey’s Political Economy in the Twenty-First Century: An Introduction
  • Emel Parlar Dal
  • Political Science
  • 2019
Turkey’s political economy in the 2000s has shown a remarkable diversification in its international political economy landscape, its domestic political economy framework, instrumental alternativesExpand
Paradoxes of Prosperity in China's New Capitalism:
This article gives a broad characterization of China’s political economy, as well as specific aspects of its socio-economic instabilities. With a focus on China’s export-oriented industry sectors,Expand
Creating a post-socialist developmental state: the political economy of China's transformation and development
Since 1978 China has been undergoing a dual process of: – systemic transformation from a centrally-planned state-command economic model to a market-based open economic model, and – the accelerationExpand


Chinese nationalism in the global era
Introduction: Chinese Nationalism in the Global Era 1. The Globalization of Nationalism Under 'Reform and Opening' 2. After 1989: Nationalism and the New Global Elite 3. Globalization and itsExpand
Globalization and State Transformation in China
1. Globalization: state decline or state rebuilding? 2. State, leadership and globalization 3. Globalism, nationalism and selective importation 4. Power, interests, and the justification ofExpand
The Chinese Political Order after Mao: ‘Socialist Democracy’ and the Exercise of State Power
The imperatives of modernization, legitimacy, and a permanent political order have been the major concerns of the Chinese Communist Party since 1976. A central part of the Party's response has beenExpand
Red Capitalists in China: The Party, Private Entrepreneurs, and Prospects for Political Change
1. Introduction 2. Challenges of party building in the reform era 3. New institutional links Appendix: survey design and implementation 4. The politics of cooptation 5. The political beliefs andExpand
Political legitimacy and china’s transition
This study reveals a distinctive Chinese cognitive model of political legitimacy, and analyzes how political leaders in Beijing have maintained its legitimacy through cultivating different elementsExpand
Globalization, Governance, and the Political‐Economy of Public Policy Reform in East Asia
In the wake of the crisis that developed in East Asia during 1997, perceptions of the region have been transformed. Critics claim that East Asian political practices and economic structures must beExpand
How to View the Problems in China‘s Economy?——In Response to the Notion of “Coming Collapse of China”
Of late,some scholars at home and abroad have presented or played up the notion that China is about to collapse,arousing a good deal of reaction and concern internationally.Chinese scholars andExpand
Integrating China Into the Global Economy
China enters the World Trade Organization China's pre-WTO trade reforms China's accession to World Trade Organization Implications of China's entry China, the world economy, U.S. policy.
China and the Pursuit of State Interests in a Globalising World
From the time of Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms in 1978, China has adopted policies designed increasingly to enable it to take advantage of the processes of globalisation. Although it puts theExpand