China and Afghanistan

  title={China and Afghanistan},
  author={Shen-yu Dai},
  journal={The China Quarterly},
  • Shen-yu Dai
  • Published 1966
  • Economics
  • The China Quarterly
  • When China and Afghanistan signed a Friendship and Mutual Non-Aggression Treaty in 1960, they called it “a new Silk Road,” evoking nostalgic memories of a link between the two countries established 2,100 years ago. The old “Silk Road” stretching from China to Rome was opened by Chang Chien, a special envoy of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (140 B.C.), who was seeking a military ally against the Hsiung-nu tribesmen in China's northwest. The Ta Yueh-chih people, then living in the Afghanistan area… CONTINUE READING
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