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  • Sverre Varvin, Alf Gerlach
  • Published 1 September 1964
  • Environmental Science, Political Science
  • The Journal of Asian Studies
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The nature and contents of the Yüeh-fu hung-shan

  • P. Hanan
  • Education
    Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
  • 1963
The Yüeh-fu hung-shan is a Ming dynasty work which is generally thought to have been lost. What little is known of it is entirely dependent on one man's description. On the strength of this, however,

Ming Porcelain From Sites In The Philippines

Avast amount of Chinese pottery with types dating from the T'ang to early Ch'ing dynasty has come to light from archaeological sites in the Philippines within the last fifty years. This is the best

North China villages. Social, political, and economic activities before 1933.

should be noted that Professor Tung does call attention repeatedly to the fact that most of the schemes discussed were not carried out. Moreover, he makes no claims to deal with political behavior

Sinkiang and the Soviet Union

The two stretches of Sino-Soviet frontier which lie on either side of the Mongolian Republic differ from each other in at least one important respect: whereas the Soviet population on the eastern

Chinese Migration to North-West China and Inner Mongolia, 1949–59

During the first decade of their mainland rule, the Chinese Communists sent considerable numbers of people from the densely populated provinces to develop China's frontier regions and to ensure that

Folk tales from China

This book is obviously written for the layman. It makes available certain information about war-time Sinkiang and it presents some interesting conjectures as to the role of Russia. Mr. Norins is

A song from Tun-huang

  • A. Waley
  • Linguistics
    Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
  • 1963
No. 6174 of Giles's Catalogue of the Chinese manuscripts from Tun-huang states that on the back of this manuscript there is a ‘short text relating to the legend of the Weaving Maiden and the

Khrushchev's Image inside China

In the November 9, 1962, issue of the People's Daily, a cartoon shows President Kennedy seated at a restaurant table waving a broken missile on the end of a fork and giving his order to a bald,

Peking and Taipei

Until recent events so rudely contradicted them, the Nationalists officially regarded Mao Tse-tung et al. as a puppet government whose strings were pulled from Moscow; the Communists, for their part,

Chinese jade through the Wei dynasty

THIS UNIQUE VOLUME is the fruition provenance and usage of major pieces from of a lifetime of study by a world-renowned each period and investigates die symbolism authority on Chinese jade. It