China's dairy crisis: impacts, causes and policy implications for a sustainable dairy industry

  title={China's dairy crisis: impacts, causes and policy implications for a sustainable dairy industry},
  author={Gui-xia Qian and Xiaochuan Guo and Jianjun Guo and Jian-guo Wu},
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The dairy industry is an important part of the global economy, and the rapidly developing dairy enterprises in China have become increasingly important to the rest of the world. Due to increasing demand for dairy products and support from the government, China's dairy industry has thrived in recent decades. But rapid growth has been accompanied by a suite of industry/structural problems associated with raw milk supply, processing enterprises, product retailing and profit allocation. Thus, a… Expand
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The results showed the price of raw milk in the implementation area of the price support policy is 13.54% higher than that of the unimplemented area, and the purchase price guidance policy of raw Milk drives price increase or price suppression in the links of the supply chain to promote a balanced distribution of profits among the participants in the chain. Expand


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