China's Taiwan Policy in the Wake of "One Country on Each Side"

  title={China's Taiwan Policy in the Wake of "One Country on Each Side"},
  author={B. Glaser},
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  • B. Glaser
  • Published 2002
  • Political Science
  • American Foreign Policy Interests
hile taping a video for a Taiwanese group in Japan on August 3, 2002, Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian declared that separate countries now exist on either side of the Taiwan Strait and asked 23 million Taiwan residents to consider legislation on holding a referendum to decide the island’s future. Two days later, a spokesman for the cabinet-level Taiwan Affairs Office condemned Chen for reneging on his earlier five no’s pledge1 and for “an open provocation” that would “bring disaster to Taiwan… Expand


A]s the forces of “Taiwan independence” still need to take cues from the Americans, China should strengthen its pressure on the Bush government
  • China should exert specific and practical pressure on the U.S. side rather than “drawing lines” in an overall manner in an effort to prevent the forces of “Taiwan independence” from reaching out for a yard after taking an inch. Also, Bush does not dare to undertake the consequence of losing China.
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