China's Propaganda System: Institutions, Processes and Efficacy

  title={China's Propaganda System: Institutions, Processes and Efficacy},
  author={David L. Shambaugh},
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How China’s flagship news program frames “the West”: Foreign news coverage of CCTV’s Xinwen Lianbo before and during Xi Jinping’s presidency
This study investigates how Xinwen Lianbo, a prestigious TV news program and a key propaganda tool of the Chinese Communist Party, framed a bloc of Western countries in its foreign news coverage in
Authoritarianism, capitalism and institutional interdependencies in the Chinese economy: implications for governance and innovation
Recently, the field of comparative political economy has turned to the Chinese economy. Coherent interpretation of the drivers and fundamental institutions of China’s economic system had been
Anticorruption and Growth: Evidence from China
Many studies have examined corruption’s effect upon economic growth. This study takes a different approach and investigates whether anticorruption campaigns might also lower economic growth, at least
The Chinese Communist Party and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Face Loss, Status Anxiety, Resentment
  • S. Wood
  • Political Science
    Global Society
  • 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic gave new impetus to the influence of face and status on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the political leadership of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Occurring when
Avoiding online censorship through ‘fatty’ memes: How Chinese social media users talk about North Korea
Memes are humorous images, often featuring captions with superimposed text, that are shared online. To avoid censorship, Chinese netizens strategically use memes to discuss political issues. This
In Government We Trust: Implicit Political Trust and Regime Support in China
High levels of self-reported trust in government found in China has invited skepticism about the authenticity of survey results. To address this question, we examine implicit political trust, an
How Soft Propaganda Persuades
An influential body of scholarship argues that authoritarian regimes design “hard” propaganda that is intentionally heavy-handed in order to signal regime power. In this study, by contrast, we link
Praise from the International Community: How China Uses Foreign Experts to Legitimize Authoritarian Rule
Authoritarian governments cultivate an image of popular support to legitimize their rule. One such strategy is to create the impression that their rule and policies are widely supported by the