China's Opposition to Western Science during Late Ming and Early Ch'ing

  title={China's Opposition to Western Science during Late Ming and Early Ch'ing},
  author={George H. C. Wong},
  pages={29 - 49}
discussions on human nature instead of an practical knowledge, this subject began to become weak.... Consequently, Western [mathematics] came to take its place. . . . Although it is permissible to say that Ming mathematicians were not like the Westerners, it cannot be said that ancient people were all unlike the Westerners [regarding mathematics]. ... If scholars would only examine systematically one by one the works on mathematics handed down through the last two thousand years, then they… 

Central-European Jesuit Scientists in China, and Their Impact on Chinese Science

This article describes nine Central European Jesuits from the Austrian province who embarked for China in the 17th and 18th centuries. Their European educational networks provide useful insights into

Tibetan Water to Save China

In recent Chinese political rhetoric concerning the promotion of the so-called Great Western Route of the South-North Water Diversion, participants in the discourse shape their arguments to meet both

Feng Shui: Educational Responsibilities and Opportunities

Feng shui is a system of beliefs and practices originating some three to four thousand years ago that is concerned with identifying, charting, and utilizing the supposed all-encompassing flow of chi

The Trading Zone Communication of Scientific Knowledge: An Examination of Jesuit Science in China (1582–1773)

  • X. Huang
  • Philosophy
    Science in Context
  • 2005
The linguistic relativist thesis maintains that there is no neutral ground for different scientific traditions with different theoretic frameworks to communicate rationally, due to the fact that

Matteo Ricci: A Sixteenth-Century Appraisal of Feng Shui

  • M. R. Matthews
  • Physics
    Feng Shui: Teaching About Science and Pseudoscience
  • 2019
Matteo Ricci (1552–1610) was one of the first Europeans to give an informed and detailed appraisal of feng shui belief and practice in China. Ricci died in 1610 in Beijing where his grave is still


ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTION OF OKINAWA'S LIBERATION AND ITS RETURN TO THE FATHERLAND. Okinawa, island of tragedy. [Tokyo, 1963] 87 p. illus. FUCHAKU, ISAMU, comp. Okinawa at work; selected tours of

The Battle of the Astronomers: Johann Adam Schall von Bell and Ferdinand Verbiest at the Court of the Celestial Emperors (1660–1670)

The paper is focused on the two most outstanding figures among the Jesuit missionaries in seventeenth-century China: Johann Adam Schall von Bell and Ferdinand Verbiest. Schall aimed to introduce the

Globalization and the New Silk Road Initiative

The Open Door policy was first implemented in the coastal area in the early 1980s, resulting in a rapid economic growth for China and the eastern belt in particular. The Chinese government has

China: Short Cycles, Long Cycles

China’s current economic takeoff, which has been intertwined with its slow, and sometimes still worsening, social and political progresses, is not a miracle. Instead, it has been determined by the

A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969

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The Astronomical Instruments of Cha-ma-lu-ting, Their Identification, and Their Relations to the Instruments of the Observatory of Marāgha‡

IN the 48th chapter of the t Yiian-shih a, fol. iO ro ff., under the heading: Hsi-yiu I-hsiang b, "pictures of instruments from the western region," reference is made to drawings (or models) of seven

As early as 1514 or 1515, the Portuguese 85 Ta-Ch'ing i-t'ung-chih, chiian 424/20, p. appeared in Chinese waters. They were first la. called Fu-lang-chi after the word "Frank

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        Juan Yuan's preface to Hsii ch'ou-jen chuan

          The Chien-p'ing i-shuo may be found in the Shou-shan k'ots'ung-shu

            Indian and Arabian Astronomy in China

            • Silver Jubilee Volume of the Zinbun Kagaku-Kenkyusyo
            • 1954

            ien-hsia chiin-kuo li-ping 95 Sheng-ch'ao p'o-hsieh chi

            • Cf. Su Chi-yii