China's Looking Seaward: Zheng He's Voyage in the 21st Century

  title={China's Looking Seaward: Zheng He's Voyage in the 21st Century},
  author={Jangwon Lee},
  journal={International Area Studies Review},
  pages={110 - 89}
  • Jangwon Lee
  • Published 1 September 2010
  • History
  • International Area Studies Review
Over the past few decades, China has developed its economic and military power substantially. Due to the expanding power of China, ‘Rising China’ issue has emerged globally. This paper addresses the possibility of a rising China expanding toward sea, and also explores China's strategic intention of becoming a great sea power. China was both a continental power and a sea power in history. Today, China's property as a sea power is conspicuously emerging with its rapid rising, and has made every… 

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