China: International Trade and WTO Accession

  title={China: International Trade and WTO Accession},
  author={Thomas Rumbaugh and Nicolas R Blancher},
  journal={ERN: Integration (Topic)},
China's increasing integration with the global economy has contributed to sustained growth in international trade. Its exports have become more diversified, and greater penetration of industrial country markets has been accompanied by a surge in China's imports from all regions--especially Asia, where China plays an increasingly central role in regional specialization. Tariff reforms have been implemented in China since the 1980s; and, with its recent WTO accession, China has committed itself… 

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Acknowledgments. China Rising. The WTO: Promise and Peril. Enter the Dragon. The Asia Puzzle. China's Challenge: Accelerating Domestic Reforms. Making Globalization and the WTO Work for All. Appendix

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China’s accession to the WTO is a watershed event for East and Southeast Asian trade relations, and many of the more established regional agreements (ASEAN, etc.) are being re-examined in this light

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China enters the World Trade Organization China's pre-WTO trade reforms China's accession to World Trade Organization Implications of China's entry China, the world economy, U.S. policy.

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This paper presents estimates of the impact of accession by China and Chinese Taipei to the WTO. China is estimated to be the biggest beneficiary, followed by Chinese Taipei and their major trading

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This paper studies the behavior of China's exports from the mid-1980s through 2001. Extensive quarterly data on values and quantities of major export products have been taken from Chinese custom