Chimpanzee gaze following in an object-choice task

  title={Chimpanzee gaze following in an object-choice task},
  author={J. Call and Brian A. Hare and M. Tomasello},
  journal={Animal Cognition},
  • J. Call, Brian A. Hare, M. Tomasello
  • Published 1998
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Animal Cognition
  • Abstract Many primate species reliably track and follow the visual gaze of conspecifics and humans, even to locations above and behind the subject. However, it is not clear whether primates follow a human’s gaze to find hidden food under one of two containers in an object-choice task. In a series of experiments six adult female chimpanzees followed a human’s gaze (head and eye direction) to a distal location in space above and behind them, and checked back to the human’s face when they did not… CONTINUE READING
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