Children with septo-optic dysplasia - how to improve and sharpen the diagnosis.

  title={Children with septo-optic dysplasia - how to improve and sharpen the diagnosis.},
  author={Annalena Hellstr{\"o}m and Martin Aronsson and Christian Axelson and M{\aa}rten Kyllerman and Susanne Kopp and Suzanne Steffenburg and Kerstin K Str{\"o}mland and O Westphal and L Wiklund and Kerstin Albertsson Wikland},
  journal={Hormone research},
  volume={53 Suppl 1},
The data in this article are based on investigations performed in 25 children with suspected septo-optic dysplasia (SOD). There are many signs and methods that help in the diagnosis of SOD. In particular, the ocular fundus, abnormalities of the hypothalamo-pituitary axis and other midline brain structures should be described. In order to achieve a more holistic and functional diagnosis, the degree of neurological, neuropsychiatric and psychological involvement should also be stated. It has been… CONTINUE READING

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