Children of low-income depressed mothers: psychiatric disorders and social adjustment.

  title={Children of low-income depressed mothers: psychiatric disorders and social adjustment.},
  author={Adriana Feder and Angelique Alonso and Min Tang and Wanda Liriano and Virginia Warner and Daniel J. Pilowsky and Eva M Barranco and Yan-Ping Wang and Helena Verdeli and P. A. J. N. Wickramaratne and Myrna M. Weissman},
  journal={Depression and anxiety},
  volume={26 6},
BACKGROUND Although several studies have documented a higher prevalence of psychiatric disorders in children of depressed than nondepressed parents, previous research was conducted in predominantly White, middle, or upper-middle class populations. Only limited information is available on psychiatric disorders and psychosocial functioning in children of low-income depressed mothers. METHODS We report the findings in children of mothers with and without a lifetime history of major depressive… CONTINUE READING

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