Children and Climate Change: Introducing the Issue

  title={Children and Climate Change: Introducing the Issue},
  author={Janet Currie and Olivier Deschenes},
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According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2015--with an average global temperature 1.6[degrees] Fahrenheit warmer than the twentieth-century average--was Earth's warmest year since record keeping began in 1880, continuing a half-century-long trend of rising temperatures. The debate about climate change and appropriate policy response is often framed in terms of the likely impact on our children. Children born in 2016 will be 34 in 2050 and 84 in 2100. How will the… 

Children and Climate Anxiety: An Ecofeminist Practical Theological Perspective

As awareness grows of global warming and ecological degradation, words such as “climate anxiety”, and “eco-anxiety” enter our vocabularies, describing the impact of climate change on human mental

Climate Change and Schools: Implications for Children's Health and Safety

Nurses are key to supporting mitigation and adaptation efforts to promote more resilient school environments, using approaches based on values of the common good and social justice.

Climate Change and Health of Children: Our Borrowed Future.

  • Jeanne Leffers
  • Medicine
    Journal of pediatric health care : official publication of National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates & Practitioners
  • 2021

Students' Understanding of Climate Change in Prone Areas Exposed to the Impact of Climate Change

Information about climate change is useful for children to anticipate the potential impacts of climate change. However, until 2016 in Lembata and North Timor Tengah Districts, Indonesia, which is the

Children, Youth and Developmental Science in the 2015-2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2016, the member states of the United Nations completed the process of adopting and defi ning indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs; United Nations, 2015). Developed

Changing Trends in the Provision of Psychosocial and Health Resources for Quality Childhood Development in Cameroon

  • T. Tchombe
  • Psychology
    Handbook of Quality of Life in African Societies
  • 2019
The chapter sets out to examine the changing trends in the provision of psychosocial and health resources for quality childhood development in Cameroon. Providing appropriate psychosocial and health

The Declaration on Human Rights and Climate Change: a new legal tool for global policy change

The Declaration on Human Rights and Climate Change responds to the profound crisis of human hierarchies now characterising the climate crisis. The Declaration, initiated prior to the 2015 COP21

Children and Climate Change: Exploring Children’s Feelings About Climate Change Using Free Association Narrative Interview Methodology

  • C. Hickman
  • Psychology
    Studies in the Psychosocial
  • 2019
This chapter shows how the Free Association Narrative Interview method, developed by Hollway and Jefferson (Doing qualitative research differently: A psychosocial approach. Sage, London, 2013) was

Child marriage, climate vulnerability and natural disasters in coastal Bangladesh.

The qualitative and quantitative evidence does not suggest that dowry-related factors are leading to early marriage, and child marriage appears to be a coping strategy adopted by households in response to their increased vulnerability to natural disasters.