Children Who Witness Violence: What Services Do They Need To Heal?

  title={Children Who Witness Violence: What Services Do They Need To Heal?},
  author={Danny G Willis and Joellen Watson Hawkins and Carole W. Pearce and Jaime Phalen and Meredith Keet and Cristen Singer},
  journal={Issues in Mental Health Nursing},
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Children are witnesses to violence far too often in their daily lives. To elicit information on the needs of children and adolescents living in the United States who have witnessed violence in their homes, neighborhoods, or communities, we held focus groups with mothers who have survived interpersonal violence and whose family included child witnesses to violence (CWV), professionals who work with families affected by violence, and with adolescents who have witnessed violence. Based on four… 

What children exposed to intimate partner violence need to heal

Children who are exposed to intimate partner violence (IPV) experience many negative effects linked to their experience with violence. Although there are a lot of interventions to help assist

Children's exposure to domestic and family violence Key issues and responses

  • M. Campo
  • Psychology, Political Science
  • 2015
Children's exposure to domestic and family violence has become a prominent policy issue comparatively recently. In the past two decades, empirical evidence about the extent to which children are

Developing the intervention evidence base for children and young people who have experienced domestic violence and abuse

Domestic violence and abuse (DVA) is a global health problem and it is widely established that children and young people can be negatively affected by experiencing DVA (Potter & Feder, 2017). The

Beyond “Witnessing”: Children’s Experiences of Coercive Control in Domestic Violence and Abuse

It is argued that, in situations where violence and abuse occur between adult intimate partners, children are significantly affected, and can be reasonably described as victims of abusive control.

Children affected by domestic and family violence: a review of domestic and family violence prevention, early intervention and response services

The research had two areas of focus: synthesising the literature on the impacts of DFV on children, and identifying best practice approaches for primary prevention, early intervention and response for children aged 0–8, and identifies the extent to which these needs are met within existing DVF primary prevention and response approaches in Australia.

Children’s experiences of domestic violence: a teaching and training challenge

In this chapter we explore the complexities of training and teaching students and practitioners about children’s experiences of domestic violence. The research conducted on children’s experiences has

The Nature and Extent of Qualitative Research Conducted With Children About Their Experiences of Domestic Violence: Findings From a Meta-Synthesis

The findings of a meta-synthesis that examined the nature and extent of qualitative studies conducted with children about their experience of domestic violence suggest the need to engage more children more fully in participatory research in the field of domesticviolence.



Children's Witnessing of Adult Domestic Violence

Social service professionals are more frequently identifying children who witness adult domestic violence as victims of that abuse. This article expands common definitions of how children witness

Silent victims revisited: the special case of domestic violence.

Clinical experience, heightened by media attention on domestic violence, including the O.J. Simpson case, leads the author to revisit silent victims with a sole focus on those children who witness domestic violence.

Mental and physical health effects of intimate partner violence on women and children.

Intimate partner violence. Mothers' perspectives of effects on their children.

Understanding about how children are affected when they observe violence in their own homes, as reported by their mothers is expanded, and health care providers should become familiar with behaviors indicative of this problem.

Domestic violence incidents with children witnesses: findings from Rhode Island surveillance data.

The Radiating Impact of Intimate Partner Violence

The authors expand the conceptualization of the impact of violence to include other aspects of the victim's life as well as the lives of those in her social world.

The Effects of Violence in the Home on Children's Emotional, Behavioral, and Social Functioning

Violence is a pervasive force in the lives of children in the United States; too often children have been victims of violence or witnesses to violence in their own homes. Although there is broad

Integrative review of effects on children of witnessing domestic violence.

Multidisciplinary findings revealed that the effects of witnessing violence were serious, varied, and generally framed in emotional and behavioral manifestations and implications for clinical nursing research are considerable and merit further study.

Children Exposed to Violence

It is estimated that nearly 4 million children are victims of serious assault, and 9 million have witnessed a serious violent act (Yale Child Study Center, 2001). A 1993 study reported that nearly