Children's Political Geographies

  title={Children's Political Geographies},
  author={Kirsi Pauliina Kallio and Jouni H{\"a}kli},
This chapter introduces children’s political geographies from three perspectives. The first section discusses children’s place and role in political geographical research in general, providing a brief overview of the development that led to the problematization of children’s absence as participants from political geographical events, dynamics and power relations. The second section looks into the subfields of children’s and young people’s geographies and the role of politics in these relatively… 
Theorizing children's political agency
This chapter develops tools for understanding political agency and political events as they unfold contextually in children’s everyday lives. It discusses alternative understandings of the subject so
The Telling Moment: Pre-Crossings of Mexican Teenage Girls and their Journeys to the Border
ABSTRACT Accounts of migration journeys are often situated after an emigrant crosses the international border and becomes an immigrant. Yet, journeys to the border require planning and preparations,
Political Geography
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