Children’s Virtual Play Worlds

  title={Children’s Virtual Play Worlds},
  author={Anne Burke and Jackie Marsh},
Digital technology and the subjects of literacy and mathematics in the preschool atelier
In this article, the focus is on the entangled relations between digital technology, art activities, mathematics, literacy and children in Swedish preschool ateliers. As part of an ethnographic stu...
Toddlers’ digital media practices and everyday parental struggles: Interactions and meaning-making as digital media are domesticated
Abstract In this article, the Swedish findings from a European comparative study on 0–3-year-old children and their digital lives are presented and discussed in relation to domestication theory,
Digital Learning for Early Years in Urban Family: A Qualitative Exploratory Study Across Four Urban Family
A number of children in early years go on online and being active user in a wide range of world even some children under 7 years did play youtube, tiktok or other social media. This research aims to
Digital Transformation in Product Service System for Kids. Design Tools for Emerging Needs
Findings and discussion of the research conducted in 2018 by the Observatory Kids&Toys of Politecnico of Milan are presented to understand the problems and emerging needs in the design sector linked to children in the digital transformation era.
The flexible meeting place: Connecting schools through networked learning
We will present a framework for establishing distance education in schools by combining Networked Learning and media ecologies seen as both environments and as relations between media. Our model for
Appropriation of affordances of multiliteracies for Chinese literacy teaching in Canada
Investigating narratives of two Chinese teachers to provide useful insights into their lived experiences of multiliteracies for Chinese literacy teaching suggest that these teachers actively appropriated affordances of multILiteracies in teaching young CLD children Chinese literacy in Canada drawing upon graduate courses in multilteracies.
Penguins, Hype, and MMOGs for Kids: A Critical Reexamination of the 2008 “Boom” in Children’s Virtual Worlds Development
According to various media and academic sources, the virtual worlds landscape underwent a profound transformation in 2008, with the arrival of numerous new titles designed and targeted specifically
Playing and learning across the concrete and digital realms: a new context for the new learners
ABSTRACT In this paper, the intersections of play and learning across the concrete and digital domains in early childhood settings are explored and illustrated. Play is an important component in the
The commercial side of virtual play worlds
In recent years, virtual play spaces have become enormously popular among young children around the world. As yet, though, there has been relatively little research into the ways in which children
Early Latency and the Impact of the Digital World: Exploring the Effect of Technological Games on Evolving Ego Capacities, Superego Development, and Peer Relationships
ABSTRACT This paper explores the potential effects of digital games on the early latency phase, a period marked by foundational cognitive, social, and self-regulatory developments as well as by a