Childhood primary pulmonary neoplasms.

  title={Childhood primary pulmonary neoplasms.},
  author={Betty Jean Hancock and Maria Di Lorenzo and Sami Youssef and Salam Yazbeck and Jacques E Marcotte and P P Collin},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={28 9},
Nine children (6 boys, 3 girls) were diagnosed with a primary endobronchial or pulmonary parenchymal neoplasm. The average age at diagnosis was 9 years. Presenting complaints included cough (7), fever (5), pulmonary infection (3), respiratory distress (3), weight loss (2), pain (2), and hemoptysis (1). Pulmonary x-rays showed persistent atelectasis, pneumonic infiltrates or mass lesions. A computed tomography scan was performed in 8. Five of six endobronchial tumors were diagnosed with… CONTINUE READING
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