Childhood-onset epilepsy associated with polymicrogyria

  title={Childhood-onset epilepsy associated with polymicrogyria},
  author={Yoko Ohtsuka and Akio Tanaka and Katsuhiro Kobayashi and Hodaka Ohta and Eiji Oka},
  journal={Brain and Development},
To study the electroclinical characteristics of patients with childhood-onset epilepsy who showed polymicrogyria (PMG) on MRI, we classified 15 patients according to the location of PMG on MRI. The composition of the subjects was as follows: four patients with PMG in both hemispheres; three with localized PMG in one hemisphere associated with other lesions such as porencephaly; and eight with only localized PMG in one hemisphere. We investigated the electroclinical characteristics of the… CONTINUE READING


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