Childhood neglect is associated with reduced corpus callosum area.

  title={Childhood neglect is associated with reduced corpus callosum area.},
  author={Martin H. Teicher and Nathalie L. Dumont and Yutaka Ito and Catherine Vaituzis and Jay N. Giedd and Susan Andersen},
  journal={Biological psychiatry},
  volume={56 2},
BACKGROUND Childhood abuse has been associated with abnormalities in brain development, particularly corpus callosum (CC) morphology. The impact of neglect has not been assessed, though it is the most prevalent form of childhood maltreatment. METHODS Regional CC area was measured from magnetic resonance imaging scans in 26 boys and 25 girls admitted for psychiatric evaluation (28 with abuse or neglect) and compared with CC area in 115 healthy control subjects. Data were analyzed by… CONTINUE READING