Childhood behavioral inhibition and maternal symptoms of depression.

  title={Childhood behavioral inhibition and maternal symptoms of depression.},
  author={Eva Moehler and Jerome Kagan and Peter Parzer and Romuald Brunner and Corinna Reck and Angelika Wiebel and Luise Poustka and Franz Resch},
  volume={40 6},
BACKGROUND The significance of behavioral inhibition in the second year of life for the development of social phobia in later childhood was the incentive to explore whether maternal postnatal psychopathology is a predictor for behavioral inhibition in the offspring. METHOD 101 mother-infant pairs were recruited from local obstetric units and examined for maternal psychopathology by the Symptom Checklist and the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale several times during the first postnatal year… CONTINUE READING

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