Childhood antecedents of allergic sensitization in young British adults.

  title={Childhood antecedents of allergic sensitization in young British adults.},
  author={David P. Strachan and Lynn Sargent Harkins and Ian Andrew Johnston and Hugh Ross Anderson},
  journal={The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology},
  volume={99 1 Pt 1},
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to investigate whether associations of self-reported hay fever with sibship size, birth order, infant feeding, and childhood socioeconomic status reflect variations in sensitization to common aeroallergens. METHODS One thousand three hundred sixty-nine persons born throughout Britain in 1958 were followed up to age 34 to 35 years. The cohort included 1050 subjects with a history of asthma, wheezy bronchitis, wheezing, or pneumonia and 319 with no history of… CONTINUE READING