Childhood ADHD Symptoms in Relation to Trauma Exposure and PTSD Symptoms Among College Students: Attending to and Accommodating Trauma

  title={Childhood ADHD Symptoms in Relation to Trauma Exposure and PTSD Symptoms Among College Students: Attending to and Accommodating Trauma},
  author={Stephanie Miodus and Maureen A Allwood and Nana Amoh},
  journal={Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders},
  pages={187 - 196}
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are highly comorbid among children and adolescents with a history of maltreatment and trauma. This comorbidity is linked to increased symptom severity and poor academic and social outcomes. Such negative outcomes are shown to have further negative outcomes during the college years. However, research has yet to directly examine the associations between ADHD, trauma exposure, and PTSD among college students… 

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