Child abuse and epigenetic mechanisms of disease risk.

  title={Child abuse and epigenetic mechanisms of disease risk.},
  author={Bao-zhu Yang and Huiping Zhang and Wenjing Ge and Natalie Weder and Heather Douglas-Palumberi and Francheska Perepletchikova and Joel Gelernter and J. G. Kaufman},
  journal={American journal of preventive medicine},
  volume={44 2},
BACKGROUND Child abuse is highly prevalent and associated with increased risk for a range of health problems, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, psychiatric disorders, and other health problems. Little is currently known about the mechanism by which early adversity confers risk for health problems later in life. PURPOSE To determine if there are epigenetic differences associated with child maltreatment that may help explain association between adverse childhood experiences… CONTINUE READING


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