Child Sexual Abuse and Adolescent and Adult Adjustment: A Review of British and World Evidence, with Implications for Social Work, and Mental Health and School Counselling

  title={Child Sexual Abuse and Adolescent and Adult Adjustment: A Review of British and World Evidence, with Implications for Social Work, and Mental Health and School Counselling},
  author={Alice Akoshia Ayikaaley Sawyerr and Christopher Adam Bagley},
  journal={Advances in Applied Sociology},
We offer a narrative review of the findings of available British research on the sexual abuse of children, and its behavioural and mental health sequels in adolescent and adult adjustment, and link this to the growing world literature on child abuse, which frequently occurs within family settings. The evidence shows that around 9% of women, and about 3% of men have experienced prolonged, bodily intrusive abuse by the age of 16 or 18. This has many adverse sequels including impaired self-esteem… 
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  • 2019
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Article info: Received: 21 Mar 2019 Accepted: 18 Aug 2019 Available Online: 01 Oct 2019


Prediction of Sexual, Emotional, and Physical Maltreatment and Mental Health Outcomes in a Longitudinal Cohort of 290 Adolescent Women
Adolescents with a combination of prolonged rather than brief sexual abuse combined with other types of abuse, with a background of family disruption and poverty, and child's impaired coping skills were most likely to have markedly impaired emotional functioning at age 17.
Childhood sexual abuse and psychiatric disorders in middle-aged and older adults: evidence from the 2007 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey.
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The association between childhood sexual abuse and psychosis was large, and may be causal, and have important implications for the nature and aetiology of psychosis, for its treatment and for primary prevention.