Child Sexual Abuse News: A Systematic Review of Content Analysis Studies

  title={Child Sexual Abuse News: A Systematic Review of Content Analysis Studies},
  author={Stjepka Popovi{\'c}},
  journal={Journal of Child Sexual Abuse},
  pages={752 - 777}
  • S. Popović
  • Published 24 July 2018
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Child Sexual Abuse
ABSTRACT Public knowledge and attitudes toward child sexual abuse are shaped through media depictions and coverage. Since the media are the main source of information about child sexual abuse, studies of child sexual abuse news can help us understand how news is created, how child sexual abuse is presented to the public, and what is the possible impact of such presentation and coverage on the audience. A systematic review of content analysis research is conducted using predefined criteria in… 

News Portrayals of Child Sexual Abuse in China: Changes from 2010 to 2019

  • Wenting Yu
  • Psychology
    Journal of child sexual abuse
  • 2021
The results indicated that media attention to child sexual abuse increased dramatically after 2013, and a trend of shaping childSexual abuse as a social problem began in 2015, and an interesting cultural difference in the application of framing theory was found.

Cultivating Realities through Media: Coverage of Child Sexual Abuse in News and its Impact on Women of Lahore

The phenomenon of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is witnessed across the globe. Like other countries, this issue is also prominently highlighted by media in Pakistan. However Pakistani media in general

Iconography of Child Sexual Abuse in the News (Justice and Crime Reporting)

  • N. Döring
  • Psychology
    DOCA - Database of Variables for Content Analysis
  • 2022
Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a major global problem (Barth et al., 2013). Therefore, it is important for researchers in communication science to systematically examine the representation of the CSA

Big news stories and longitudinal data collection: A prominent child sexual abuse case negatively affects parents’ attitudes toward male caregivers

Consumption of news media can influence attitudes toward specific groups, but the influence of news media on longitudinal data collection has not yet been researched. We present a method to index

Research performance and trends in child sexual abuse research: a Science Citation Index Expanded-based analysis

A progressive increase in the volume of indexed articles that sharply grows between 2009 and 2017 and research trends can be clustered into 11 categories, with violence being the one that concentrates the greatest number of terms used in the papers.

Newspaper Coverage of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Toxic Stress in the United States, 2014-2020: Consequences, Causes, and Solutions.

It is found that newspaper coverage of ACEs and toxic stress increased dramatically between 2014 and 2018 and then sharply declined, and there was many statistically significant differences in the causes, consequences, and solutions identified in articles focused on ACEs versus toxic stress.

The discursive production of public inquiries: The case of Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

  • M. Mitchell
  • Political Science
    Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
  • 2020
Since the turn of the century, public inquiries into the perpetration and concealment of child sexual abuse within religious institutions have proliferated throughout Europe, North America and

Sex Ed Dads: what Australian fathers want their teens to know about relationships and sexuality

ABSTRACT This article reports on the findings of a quantitative online survey investigating Australian fathers’ perspectives on communicating with their children about relationships and sexuality. A

Social Research about Online Crime: Global Range of Topics and a Systematic Analysis of Research in Lithuania

 Social research about online crime is a multi-disciplinary field addressing a wide array of topics since its inception in the 1980s. Based on a broad review of state-of-the-art literature and gaps



Child Sexual Abuse and the Media: A Literature Review

This systematic literature review of research on child sexual abuse media coverage across disciplines and geographic boundaries examines 16 studies published in the English language from 1995 to 2012 and identifies a seminal work and develops a framework model.

Framing Child Sexual Abuse: A Longitudinal Content Analysis of Newspaper and Television Coverage, 2002–2012

Study findings indicate a shift in the attribution of responsibility of child sexual abuse among news organizations over the past decade from an individual- level problem with individual-level solutions to a societal-level problem with institutional culpability.

Playing safe: Media coverage of child sexual abuse prevention strategies

Media coverage of preventing child sexual abuse in the UK during a complete 12-month period is examined to argue for a more diverse discussion about ways of preventing sexual violence against children, especially assaults by fathers, uncles, brothers and friends of the family.

Newspaper Portrayals of Child Abuse: Frequency of Coverage and Frames of the Issue

For several years, child welfare advocates have claimed that the U.S. news media misrepresent child abuse and fail to highlight its societal dimensions. To investigate the accuracy of this diagnosis,

The news about child sexual abuse: A systematic analysis of reports in the South African English-language press

The extent and representativeness of child sexual abuse reporting in the South African English-language press were examined. Baseline data for the study comprised a complete record of all cases of

News Coverage of Child Sexual Abuse and Prevention, 2007–2009

An analysis of newspaper coverage from 2007 to 2009 is presented to describe how the daily news presents and frames day-to-day stories about child sexual abuse.

Moral Tales: Representations of Child Abuse in the Quality and Tabloid Media

Examination of media construction of child abuse in a comprehensive sample of all 1302 reports on the subject during 1995 in a representative quality and tabloid newspaper in NSW found that the focus was on ‘hard news’ reports of individual cases and the most atypical and sensational ‘child abuse horror stories’.

Parents' knowledge, attitudes and practices about preventing child sexual abuse: a literature review

Recommendations are made for more current and country specific research, further research to gain a deeper understanding of how parents manage the risk of child sexual abuse, more comprehensive research covering a range of knowledge, attitude and practice variables, and greater inclusion of fathers in research.

Child abuse in England and Wales 2003–2013: Newspaper reporting versus reality

This study examined how child abuse and neglect were reported in a sample of 459 newspaper articles between 2003 and 2013 in England and Wales. The results were compared with data on child abuse and

Magazine Coverage of Child Sexual Abuse, 1992–2004

Trends in the coverage of child sexual abuse in popular magazines since the early 1990s are analyzed to affirm established theories of newsworthiness and suggest that child abuse professionals could improve the quality of coverage by agreeing to interviews in connection with articles about childhood sexual abuse.