Child Maltreatment and Mental Health

  title={Child Maltreatment and Mental Health},
  author={Alice Akoshia Ayikaaley Sawyerr and Christopher Adam Bagley},
The data-set analysed below stemmed from the collaboration of Dr. Kanka Mallick of Manchester Metropolitan University, and Professor Christopher Bagley of the Manchester Educational Research Network. These researchers had previously collaborated on a number of studies of selfesteem, ethnicity, and child sexual abuse (CSA) (Bagley & Mallick, 1995; 2000a, 2000b; Bagley et al., 2000). The findings of data collected in the school year of 2006–2007 were not analysed or published at that time… 
A Qualitative Description of Resident Physicians’ Understanding of Child Maltreatment: Impacts, Recognition, and Response
The findings of this study emphasize the need for better training in response to CM, and future educational interventions should consider a multidisciplinary, experiential approach.
Psychological maltreatment, coping flexibility, and death obsession during the COVID-19 pandemic: A multi-mediation analysis
The results of multi-mediation analysis showed that psychological maltreatment was positively related to the death obsession and this relationship could be explained through the mediated effects of coping flexibility, coronavirus anxiety, and coronav virus stress.
Child Maltreatment: Brief Communication Maltrato Infantil: Comunicación Breve
1 Federal University of Cariri – UFCA – Ceará, Brazil. 2 Federal University of Cariri – UFCA – Ceará, Brazil. Corresponding author: Amanda Plácido da Silva Macêdo; Monnic
A Systematic Review Evaluating Psychometric Properties of Parent or Caregiver Report Instruments on Child Maltreatment: Part 2: Internal Consistency, Reliability, Measurement Error, Structural Validity, Hypothesis Testing, Cross-Cultural Validity, and Criterion Validity
This systematic review aimed to appraise the psychometric properties (other than content validity) of all current parent- or caregiver-reported CM instruments and recommend the most suitable for use by identifying nine instruments that would need further psychometric evidence for them to be recommended.
Vulnerability and variability: Associations between various early forms of nonconsensual sexual experiences and later sexual experiences of young adults
Abstract:Early nonconsensual sexual experiences (NSEs) in childhood or adolescence have been linked to elevated risk for adjustment problems and later victimization in some research, whereas others