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Child Abuse in Freud's Vienna: Postcards from the End of the World

  title={Child Abuse in Freud's Vienna: Postcards from the End of the World},
  author={L. Wolff},
On the cusp of the twentieth century, in the most cosmopolitan city in the world, there a sensation that entranced the city's populace as nothing had before--a sensation that cast a great and disturbing shadow over the city, and then vanished, leaving no more trace than a shadow would. Child Abuse in Freud's Vienna is the story of that forgotten sensation in this fabled city. In the autumn of 1899, Vienna's attention was focused not on its extraordinary cultural life, but on child abuse… Expand
Freud as Milton’s God: Mapping the Patriarchal Cosmos in Psychoanalysis and Paradise Lost
The first section of this essay reviews the debate between Milton’s theological critics, C. S. Lewis and Stanley Fish, and the heirs to the Romantics, A. J. A. Waldock and William Empson, and arguesExpand
Sex Scandals, Sexual Violence, and the Word on the Street: The Kolasówna Lustmord in Cracow's Popular Press, 1905–1906
  • N. Wood
  • Medicine, Sociology
  • Journal of the history of sexuality
  • 2011
The popular press mediated the way that the vast majority of citizens understood “scandalous” sexuality and relied heavily on its relationship with the public, which not only consumed but often discovered and informed the outcome of the stories. Expand
Theorizing in the Shadow of Foucault: Facets of Female Sexuality
Foucault challenged the unified, the foundational, and the codified system of knowledge because he believed that the epistemological privilege attached to “scientific” theory lead to a dominatingExpand
The Singularization of History : Social History and Microhistory within the Postmodern State of Knowledge
This article established its theoretical framework by criticizing the way in which social historians have practiced their scholarship in the last two decades and how and why they have not respondentExpand
Trauma Therapists in Israel: A Qualitative Study into Personal, Familial and Societal Sources of A Priori Countertransference
What distinguishes therapists who enabled their traumatized clients to be fully heard and appropriately address their traumatic histories, from their no less generally competent and empathicExpand
Cultural History/Social History: Some Reflections on a Continuing Dialogue
Beginning in the late 1970s, social history was criticized for its tendency to privilege "normal" behavior, its overdependence on static structures, and on categorizing individuals in preset groups.Expand
Sexuality and Attachment: a Passionate Relationship or a Marriage of Convenience?
  • D. Silverman
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Psychoanalytic quarterly
  • 2001
Sexuality’s protean nature allows for a reassessment of the case of Little Hans, with emphasis on the unique interconnections between sexuality and the vital need for an attachment relationship, raising important questions about the traditional concept of psychosexual stages. Expand
Research Article 1: Towards a Public Health Model of Child Protection in Australia
Most current child protection systems in Australia are unsustainable and potentially harmful. It is time to reconsider the direction in which child protection policy is heading in this country. ToExpand