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Chief Roi Mata’s Domain

  title={Chief Roi Mata’s Domain},
  author={Meredith Wilson and Christopher Ballard},
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Over the past two decades, the World Heritage Committee has sought to address the current and future credibility of the World Heritage List through capacity-building programmes in regions currently
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In recent decades local communities have been increasingly engaged in protecting heritage sites through the development of new models of conservation practice, such as co-management, joint management
Debating heritage authenticity: kastom and development at the Vanuatu Cultural Centre
In October 2003, 28 cultural expressions from around the world were proclaimed Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, complementing the adoption of the Convention for the


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This paper has two purposes. One is to propose that myths and legends were, sometimes at least, historical records clothed in layers of allegory. The other is to demonstrate this by interpretation of