Chicomuceltec's Last Throes

  title={Chicomuceltec's Last Throes},
  author={Lyle R. Campbell and Una Canger},
  journal={International Journal of American Linguistics},
  pages={228 - 230}
Introduction to Mayan Linguistics
The articles in this collection focus on core, wellstudied aspects of Mayan linguistics: phonology, syntax, and semantics, which is broadly typological, but also informed by theoretical issues in formal linguistics.
Mayan Historical Linguistics in a New Age
  • D. Law
  • Linguistics
    Lang. Linguistics Compass
  • 2013
The recent decipherment of ancient Maya hieroglyphic writing and the publication of a large cohort of high quality linguistic descriptions of several Mayan languages have opened a floodgate of new linguistic data that promises to revolutionize the authors' understanding of the history of the language family.