Chicken leptin: properties and actions.

  title={Chicken leptin: properties and actions.},
  author={Mohammed Taouis and Sami Dridi and Sandrine Cassy and Yackir Benomar and Nina Raver and Nicole Rideau and M T Picard and J Williams and Arieh Gertler},
  journal={Domestic animal endocrinology},
  volume={21 4},
Chicken leptin cDNA shows a high homology to mammalian homologous, with an expression localized in the liver and adipose tissue. It is noteworthy, that the hepatic expression is most likely associated with the primary role that this organ plays in lipogenic activity in avian species. As in mammals, chicken leptin expression is regulated by hormonal and nutritional status. This regulation is tissue-specific and with a high sensitivity in the liver compared to adipose tissue. The blood leptin… CONTINUE READING


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