Chiari’s network: review of the literature

  title={Chiari’s network: review of the literature},
  author={Marious Loukas and Ashley Sullivan and R. Shane Tubbs and Anthony Weinhaus and Trevor Derderian and Michael H Hanna},
  journal={Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy},
The Chiari network, present in approximately 2% of the population, and is a reticulated network of fibers originating from the Eustachian connecting to different parts of the right atrium. Its presence results from incomplete reabsorption of the right valve of the sinus venosus. Chiari’s network is often clinically insignificant. However, it has been reported to be involved in the pathogenesis of thromboembolic disease, endocarditis, arrhythmias, and entrapment of catheters upon percutaneous… CONTINUE READING