Chewing gum and impasse-induced self-reported stress.

  title={Chewing gum and impasse-induced self-reported stress.},
  author={Laura Kay Torney and Andrew J. Johnson and Christopher J. Miles},
  volume={53 3},
An insoluble anagram task [Zellner, D., Loaiza, S., Gonzalez, Z., Pita, J., Morales, J., Pecora, D., et al. (2006). Food selection changes under stress. Physiology and Behaviour, 87, 789-793] was used to investigate the proposition that chewing gum reduces self-rated stress [Scholey, A., Haskell, C., Robertson, B., Kennedy, D., Milne, A., & Wetherell, M. (2009). Chewing gum alleviates negative mood and reduces cortisol during acute laboratory psychological stress. Physiology and Behaviour, 97… CONTINUE READING